Amongst other duties, The Citizens Commission on Human Rights board of advisors provides expertise from its members’ professions, including testimony before state and federal hearings in the name of civil rights and the eradication of psychiatric abuse.

CCHR Board of Advisors

Prof. Thomas Szasz
Co-founder of CCHR

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights board of advisors, called Commissioners, includes doctors, lawyers, educators, celebrities, business professionals and civil and human rights representatives.

Their duties include advising CCHR in their professional capacity, on issues relating to CCHR's activities. They also include, but are not limited to:

  • Media interviews, being a spokesperson on issues the Commissioner is well versed in relating to psychiatry and its abuses, Making representations, visiting or writing to members of Congress, parliaments, national and state legislatures about issues CCHR is concerned with
  • Advising on any legislative issues CCHR should be involved in
  • Acting as a panel member in a Public Hearing that CCHR may hold into a particular aspect of psychiatric abuse
  • Lending their name to CCHR’s publications, campaigns, or providing quotes for these or for press releases
  • Sending any research or articles of interest to CCHR that can be distributed to officials, groups or CCHR Chapters
  • As medical professionals or researchers, evaluating research or studies such as clinical trials of psychiatric drugs that can then be distributed broadly or publicized
  • As many physicians, including primary physicians and pediatricians today prescribe strong and dangerous psychiatric drugs, helping CCHR to educate them that real medical analysis and treatment is needed; for example, testing for heavy metal exposure, food allergies as well as nonphysically intrusive methods such as diet, nutrition and exercise, and to remind them that preservation of civil liberties, human dignity, informed consent and personal choice are critical in all medical practice
  • As attorneys, advising other attorneys on or filing civil complaints against psychiatrists that have abused patients and how such suits can be filed against psychiatric associations or colleges that trained the offending psychiatrist
  • Educating doctors on the lack of science behind psychiatric diagnoses and the damage caused by psychiatric treatment
  • Assisting with or advising on fundraising
  • Proposing and inviting other professionals to become CCHR Commissioners